Jeudi 7 octobre 2021-Matin

Traumatology :Tips and Tricks

Fingertip Reconstruction

  •  8H30 : Occlusive dressing for fingertip repair : C. Piessat, Nancy.
  • 8H50  : How to select the appropriate local flap for fingertip reconstruction?     L Athlani Nancy.
  • 9H 15 : Are there any remaining indications for microsurgical fingertip reconstruction ? G. Dautel, Nancy
  • Coffee Break : 9H30-10H00


Unusual Replantations and MacroReplantations of the Upper Extremity

  • 10H00 : How to manage a multidigital finger amputation, YK De Almeida, Nancy.
  • 10H20 : Unsual macroreplantations of the upper extremity.
    • Self inflicted hand amputations in psychiatric patients : Replantation or not ?   H. Mashino, Nancy
    • Amputation due to an avulsion type of injury : Is it worth trying ?                                        YK De Almeida and G. Dautel
  • Complex traumas of the hand and wrist : Files discussion : 11H00
  • Lunch Break : 12H30-13H45

Jeudi 7octobre 2021-Après Midi

Digital Arthritis and Traumatic Joint destruction of the MCP and PIP Joint


  • MP Joint
  • Silicon implants for the MCP joint
    • 14H00 : Surgical technique for isolated MCP replacement with  a silicon implant. L. Athlani, Nancy
    • 14H20 : Silicon MCP replacement in Rheumatoid arthritis. F. Dap, Nancy
    • 14H40 : Correction of rheumatoid deformities at time of MCP replacement. G. Dautel, Nancy
    • 15H00 : The "happy" implant for the MCP joint : technique and results.  Ph Bellemère, Nantes
    • 15H30 : Any place for MCP reconstruction with vascularized toe joint transfer ?.G. Dautel, Nancy
  • Coffee Break
  • PIP joint
  • 16H00 : Silicon implants for the PIP joint : technique and results
    • Surgical Technique and clinical results : F. Dap, Nancy
  • 16H30 : The Tactys implant for PIP replacement : Ph Bellemère, Nantes
  • 17H00 : Complications and pitfalls with the Tactys implant : L. Athlani Nancy
  • 17H15 : Can we modelize the swan-neck deformity that occurs after Tactys implant in the anatomical lab : A. Lozano, Nancy
  • 17H30 : Use of PIP arthroplasties in emergency traumatic situations : L. Ardouin, Nantes
  • 17H 45 : Microvascular reconstruction of the PIP joint : indications and results.G. Dautel